CRCA Main Hall Gym Zumba class July 20th & 22nd (Monday & Wednesday)

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CRCA Main Hall Gym Zumba class July 20th & 22nd (Monday & Wednesday)

Passion . Dance . Sweat . Fitness

Going Live July 20th & 22nd 

Monday 6pm - 7pm

Wednesday 5pm - 6pm

Cost is $20 for both classes 
$10 each if you can only make one class

**There are 19 available spots left from 30 spots** 
PLEASE NOTE: How to sign up! 


 Pay by email transfer (to 

  • Once paid you will be added to the list and a waiver form must be signed apon arrival of your first class + COVID-19 Checklist. And you are good to GO!! 
  • All FEES are NON-REFUNDABLE - Medical circumstances will be considered on an individual basis for credit only. 
  • The more you come and the more you commit, the better value per class, the more health benefits you will see, the easier the steps will become, the better you will feel - it's a WIN WIN WIN :)
  • If you enter the session late, your rate will be pro-rated from your start date this only applies to the Fall Sessions coming in September 2020


Primary Phone 403.483.9358
Website Link


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