Strategic Facility Planning // Storage & Shelving Products

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Strategic Facility Planning // Storage & Shelving Products
Did you know that you can make smarter decisions about your storage?     

Commercial: Manage inventory of filing supplies/paper files/bankers boxes/electronics, attract talent, present an elite aesthetic in client spaces, reduce offsite storage costs, reduce leasing costs.
Industrial: Control access to small parts, smaller footprint for small parts/pallets/pallet racking/bulky items, improve efficiency, create safer work spaces.
Healthcare: Confidential access to files, efficient/secure pharmaceutical storage, shipping/receiving flow, inventory control.
Law Enforcement/Security: Tactical lockers, weapons storage, secure storage, access control, evidence lockers.
Retail: Staff lockers, efficient inventory storage, integrated high-density storage at front-of-house.
Public Spaces: Secure access, preservation rooms, lighted displays and browsing areas, staff lockers, archive storage, file storage.

HBI helps businesses think strategically about their storage and work spaces.  Whatever your facility space, HBI can help you make it safer, more efficient, and less costly.  What does that actually mean?  Well, it starts with a complementary consult, which leads to creation of a design that will accomplish your goals.  Maybe you need to fit in more small parts.  Maybe you need to get your files out of offsite storage.  Or, maybe you need to make room for more employee workstations.  Whatever it is, we're realistic about the benefits and challenges of each design and work with you to pick the right system.  The designs we create utilize our industry-leading storage and shelving products, and pricing always includes both installation and warranty.  We work hard to show you the tangible rewards of implementing an HBI Strategic Storage Design and, when you're confident in what we've created together, we implement your systems.  Installation is completed by a certified, professional install crew and then the project is verified by a quality control walk-through.  Here at HBI, we have the expertise to help you do this right.

Have a storage or workspace project in mind? Have questions about what other people in your industry are doing?  Contact us at 403.252.2888 for a free consult. We're happy to get you the information you need to make a big difference for your business.
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