Forever Hugs Memory Quilts and more...

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Forever Hugs Memory Quilts and more...

Everyone has at least once in their life experiences the loss of someone so special they cannot bring theirselves to give away their clothing . For some it is unbearable and almost feels disrespectful . We can create a one of a kind  quilt(s) that you can Wrap yourself in the memories of a quilt created with the clothes of your loved one who has passed . Every peice of cloth has a story that is unique and can be a comfort when you need it. It is like a BIG HUG whenever you need it.
Or perhaps you have a drawer full of  special T-shirts from concerts you have been to over the years or sport teams . It is hard to give up the memories but all they do is remain in a drawer or packed away in a box waiting to be warn again. We all say say that evertime we decide to declutter our lives. But the pile just keeps growing. 
Set them free!! Enjoy them once again in a quilt that can be enjoyed everyday and passed on in the future. 
Other services we provide are:
  • Hand Quilting from stitching around the blocks to detailed Whole Clothes
  • Commisioned quilts of all sizes
  • hand embroidery and other hand stitching techniques
  • hand or machine applique 
  • Free motion quilting
  • quilt binding
  • classes for children and adults who are  beginners and beyond....

Visit our website for a view of the quality of the work we provide and for the prices of our services. or email Kathy at

Primary Phone 403-452-7500
Secondary Phone 403-273-6435
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