Lasting Strides Equine Assisted Learning

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Lasting Strides Equine Assisted Learning
At Lasting Strides we provide an experience that will impact your life and influence positive lifestyle changes. We are dedicated to enhancing life skills through engaging in creative exercises with an equine teammate.  We offer both group and individual sessions - as well as corporate development - and horsemanship classes for younger children. 

Why Horses?
Horses are incredibly perceptive and sensitive to our emotions. They cannot over-think a situation and are unable to lie, therefore providing instant and totally honest reactions to their handler's emotions. This allows facilitators a better look into the client's personality, and may bring to light feelings the client themselves were not even aware of.

Please check out our website for more information on session options!

Primary Phone (403)836-8869
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2 responses to “Lasting Strides Equine Assisted Learning”

  1. Holly says:

    Lasting Strides has been a shining light in my Daughter’s world!

    After finding out from the school and Her friends, (who were worried sick about Her) that She had been suffering in silence and cutting Her body, I took my sweet Girl to see our Family Doctor. He prescribed antidepressants and sent us to a Therapist. After 6 sessions and the end of insurance-covered therapy, I enquired everywhere to find more help for Her, that would be affordable. Within a short timeframe, I found Lasting Strides through a referral from some great Friends. I contacted Jade and my Daughter started sessions immediately.

    Two weeks into the sessions, my sweet Girl’s smile had returned and she woke in the morning, looking forward to the day ahead. She has since been taken off of the antidepressants, continues spending sessions improving her skillset and enjoying life! Though She has only been a Client for 10 months, we are looking forward to many, many more months, maybe even years, of sessions at Lasting Strides.

    Jade’s Human and Equine Team help create deep-rooted and affordable, positive life changes within their Clientele. I cannot thank Lasting Strides enough for helping my Daughter; She is confident, calm and genuinely happy again.

    If you’re looking for a way to invest in your Child’s future, look no further, Jade holds the key.

  2. Sarah says:

    Jade and her horses have been a huge blessing to me. Through working with Jade and Gem, I have learned how to overcome some of y anxiety and how to deal with the depression. I find that I need horse time in my
    Life to get by. I truly recommend taking lessons from Jade and her horses, they teach you so much and are so loving and patient!

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