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E. C. I. Learning Academy

We are an approved ECS Operator.  

What does this mean?

1.  We provide a Program Unit Funding (PUF) Program that is lead by an experienced Teacher and supported by a highly qualified therapy team including Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapist, Physio Therapist and a Registered Psychologist.
2.  We provide a Kindergarten Program (if "designated") at no cost.
3. We follow the Kindergarten Program Statement and the Alberta Programs of Study.
Our Mission:
We view the child as unique individuals with varying needs and abilities possessing different personalities, learning styles, ways of being intelligent and come from a variety of backgrounds and heritage.
E. C. I. Learning Academy Believes in...
*  An inclusive education system that meets the learning needs of ALL students.
*  A strength-based approach which focuses on what students can do rather than their limitations.
*  The importance of teaching acceptance, tolerance, respect and empathy.
*  A collaborative approach to learning where teachers, parents and specialist work together to create a program that BEST meets the needs of the individual child.
*  The importance of quality education in the early years to promote a successful school journey for all!
Our Program Includes:
*  Music, Art, Physical Education and school readiness.
*  Language Diversity Program
*  Monthly Field Trips
*  Special Events and Holiday Celebrations.
Our Programs:
Morning Sessions - 8:30 - 11:30 am
Afternoon Session - 11:30 - 4:00 pm

* Preschool Program - This is for children from 3 - 4 years of age. It is a play based program where the learning will occur naturally as children explore their environment.
* Junior Kindergarten - This is for children from 4 - 5 years of age.  This program is a balance of play based  while also integrating developmentally appropriate activities that enhance academic learning.
* Kindergarten - This is for children from 5 - 6 years of age.  The program will focus on school readiness and to help children make a smoother transition to Grade One.
The Kindergarten program will set the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour and health.
Please contact us at:
 - 403-457-3168
 - admin@eciprechool.com
 - michelle.reid@kindired.com
Primary Phone 403-457-3168
Website Link Visit Link Here
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