Voodoo Detailing

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Voodoo Detailing

Trading in your leased or financed vehicle?
Just bought a dirty, used vehicle? 
Kids make a mess?
Selling your used car?
Just want the new car feeling for your daily commute to work?

Try Voodoo Detailing // 403-805-2743 // Professionally trained with years of experience
A local small business, conveniently located just outside of Chestermere, with fair prices and high quality, we're a step above the competition.
Open 7 days a week 8:30 to 6:30 (we're flexible to meet our customer's needs)
Before any work being performed, a vehicle inspection is done with the owner present so both parties are aware of the current vehicle condition and any pre-existing defects, the inspection sheet must be signed by the owner before work can be done.
Every product we use is tested on our own vehicles before we start using them on customer vehicles, so you can rest assured only the highest quality products will be used on your vehicle.
We offer several services, including detailing, paint correction and ceramic coatings.
Every vehicle that comes through our doors is treated as if it's our own, regardless of age, condition or manufacturer.

Primary Phone 403-805-2743
Website Link Visit Link Here


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